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So, i’ve decided to go to the upcoming Cosplay America as Feferi, and my cosplay partner and boyfriend will once again go as Sollux, so we’ll be a cannon couple. I already have alot of the stuff i need for Feferi, i have her skirt fabric, and working on arm sleeves and…



My parents are both pastors and once I was fucking this one dude who’s dad was the pastor of the rival church and he whispered ‘talk biblical to me’ so i started reciting Psalms  23 and we ended up getting into a competition of who could recite the most bible versus before they cummed

you need less jesus

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today i realized that frappes are just coffe flavored slushies

One of my friends posted a status complaining that she hasn’t had sex since May. And I’m just so tempted to respond “I’ve never had sex. Beat that!”

My friends seem to have a knack for choosing assholes for boyfriends.


"why are you awake at three in the morning" asks the person who is also awake at three in the morning




shit i’d watch this so damn hard

Seriously, 12 straight men acting as gay as humanly possible, I would die.


"What were you wearing?"
I wore a red dress to work today. It has a zipper at either side of my chest that can unzip and reveal a thin strip of skin. A coworker, without warning, tried pulling at the zipper and when it wouldn’t zip, instead revealed a good portion of my collarbone and shoulder as well as my bra strap. An hour later, the same coworker came up and told me to not wear clothes with zippers because he’ll go right ahead and unzip them. I shot back that unzipping me without my permission is sexual harassment. Apparently a manager heard and berated my coworker. At the end of my shift, my coworker told me that my little comment got him in trouble and that he no longer feels comfortable saying anything to me other than “hello” and “goodbye.”
I am supposed to feel guilty for pointing out that he can’t lay his fucking hands on me.

So I wore the infamous dress at work yesterday and ANOTHER MALE COWORKER DECIDED TO PULL AT ONE OF MY FUCKING ZIPPERS.We were surrounded by other (also male) coworkers (that did nothing) and I swatted his hand away while promptly informing him that he didn’t have permission to touch me.
He then asked, since he knows I cosplay, if it would be any different if I wore a revealing costume. I gave him a dirty look and told him that no matter what *I* decide to wear, no one is allowed “to lay a finger on me unless they want my foot up their ass.”
Being that I’m quite professional at work, they were all surprised by my language and the ferocity with which I spat my promise.





I feel like a legend.

Check out the list of the year-end Top 10 of 1994. ACE OF BASE IS ON IT THREE TIMES!
1”The Sign" Ace of Base
2”I Swear" All-4-One
3”I’ll Make Love to You" Boyz II Men
4”The Power of Love" Céline Dion
5”Hero" Mariah Carey
6”Stay (I Missed You)" Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories
7”Breathe Again" Toni Braxton
8”All for Love" Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart and Sting
9”All That She Wants" Ace of Base
10”Don’t Turn Around" Ace of Base
This was the year, btw, that Dookie came out, the biggest punk album of the 90s. Longview, the first single of Dookie, peaked at #36 on the Hot 100. THIRTY SIX! 
Oh god there was so much bad music in the 90s. So much…at least the bad music these days is fun to dance to. Look at this list…it was like the highest form of popular entertainment was closing your eyes and FEELING THE FEELS.