I love the fact that you can be embarrassed of how you were years ago.

I mean, think about it! Three years ago you might’ve felt like you were the best you could be, and now thinking about it probably makes you cringe.

It goes to show that we can always change and become better. I hope that in three years from now, you’ll look back at how you were today and think how much better you’ve become!


Heard the girl sitting across from me at the airport complaining about having a fever & nausea on the phone to her mom.
…I’n just going to not breath & hope that she does not sit anywhere near me on the flight





but now much you wanna bet that pics of them getting milk from mcdonalds will start circulating. imagine the racist comments. like imagine 

breaking windows to steal the milk, even if used to clear the tear gas out of their eyes, is wrong.

we have reached peak cracker



don’t ask me why pantyhose remove deodorant marks on clothing

because I don’t know

I just don’t know

*has mental breakdown*